'Made In USA', The french magazine about Country Music!

Since 2008 and 48 issues, MADE IN USA magazine, a small team of specialists, fans of American music, offers every 2 months, directly in your mailbox, a magazine about the Country Music news from the USA and even worldwide!

Jacques Mouchet is a real passionate, of photography, video and... Country Music!! So he was destined to create this magazine about country artists all over the world and especially in the USA where this music is born!

He always try to write the best articles about Country Music news and about new artists or bands. That's how he met Manuel Julvez & The Roving Seats in 2014 at the great Festival Country Rendez-Vous of Craponne Sur Arzon. And this year, he met Manuel with his other, brand new, band: The Lady's Country Angels in Craponne too.

Jacques has taken a lot of videos during the concert and rehearsals of the band (they are available on this site) and he decided to focus his next magazine issue on The LCA's.

Thanks for that Jacques!!! We love your magazine! 



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