Country RDV of Craponne, a great Festival!!

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Marin (Pixels-Live)
Photo Credit: Emmanuel Marin (Pixels-Live)

Saturday 30th July, The Lady's Country Angels were on the stage of the great festival Country Rendez-Vous of Craponne-Sur-Arzon, France. During 1h10, the band played the songs from their brand new album (released in May 2016). A mix of original songs and covers from the TV show 'Nashville'.


That was a great moment for the band!! Below, the major steps of this journey.

Saturday 30th - The soundcheck & the Press Conference...

The soundcheck was performed at the beginning of the afternoon and took 30mn, thanks to the great professionalism of all sound technicians.

Thierry Lecocq was missing for the soundcheck as he was leading a fiddle master class in Craponne until 4pm. He just did a small linecheck before the show...


After the soundcheck, the band came back to the dressing rooms and only waited a few minutes before the press conference.


Photo Credit: Sara Julvez
Photo Credit: Sara Julvez

Photo Credit: Pier Country
Photo Credit: Pier Country

The conference was held under a tent, where several reporters, mainly from radios, were awaiting the artists...

The 5 artists from The LCA's were seated in front of the journalists, to answer their questions. The majority of the questions were about the band and how it was created, as the collaboration is very recent. Candice & Manuel alternated to answer questions.


One very interesting question has been asked to the band and Jean-Michel answered it immediately : "You mostly play acoustic music; Why this choice? It seems to be a fashionable style, something the crowd really appreciates.Do you think it is more complicated to play acoustic music?". Jean-Michel simply answered that, for him, playing acoustic music is more "true", "authentic", you play as if you were naked, only a few strings on a piece of wood, without any effects... You give the best of yourself!

SATURDAY 30TH - The concert...

Main photos: Emmanuel Marin (pixels-live)

After the press conference, we only had a few minutes before going on stage...the pressure began to rise slowly for the band but it was more excitement than pressure... everyone here loves to be on stage to share music together and with the crowd!


The concert went well and the audience was really enthusiastic even though the rain was invited itself at the end of the show...

During 1h, The LCA's gave all they had to offer and for the last song of the show, Jean-Marc Delon (great banjo player) was invited.



A recall was asked by the audience even before Johnny Da Piedade, the presenter of the Festival, asked if they wanted one. The band, still accompanied by Jean-Marc, played 2 extra songs and closed the show under the enthusiastic applause of the crowd!!

SATURDAY 30TH - After the show...

As a usual post-concert in Craponne, everything was perfectly organized and the LCA’s were led to their autograph session and album signatures. When the blind rose, we were really surprised to see a lot of people were already there, waiting for us... so happy to see that!


The session took almost 45mn and it was nice to take pictures with fans and sign some posters, notebooks and pics.


Photo Credit: Sara Julvez

Sunday 31st - Craponne's Church

Photo Credit: Sara Julvez

We were honored to accept the organization’s offer to animate the religious service Sunday morning at Craponne's Church.


It was the very first time for The LCA's to play in such a place!

4 songs were played, 2 covers ("Oh Happy Day" & "Somewhere Over The Rainbow") and 2 original songs from the band ("Together We'll Be Free" & "My Motherly Angels").


Those moments were magical, with a lot of emotions, after the really open speech of Craponne's priest. This moment will always be a very strong one for the band!


Thanks to Delphine, Emilie, Blandine & Julien for trusting us! 

Sunday 31st - The Final Jam Session...

During the last day of the Festival, we shared with other artists, in the dressing rooms or outside. Only Candice, Sylvain and Manuel stayed on the site, Jean-Michel & Stephane having to go back to Marseilles...


At the end of the day, the traditional Jam Session with all the artists was prepared by Manuel. 2 songs were decided jointly with all other artists: "Jambalaya" & "Sweet Home Alabama"'. It was a great Jam! Lots of fun on stage and in the crowd! The 2 songs were 30mn long!

What a great festival, can't wait for next year!



« A thousand times thank you to the entire organization and to the numerous volunteers at the Festival, WE LOVE YOU!"

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Marin

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